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Neil M - Structural Integration 12 Series, Amsterdam

"I had the pleasure of a series of structural integration sessions with Robin. 


Robin’s overall approach is determined by an initial thorough assessment. This ensures the treatment is geared and specific to the clients’ needs.


Robin listened carefully during the intake to my needs and followed a well-thought through plan which he adapted when necessary.


My entire body was carefully massaged and worked to bring everything back in balance. This was more than massage or physiotherapy - it was a full treatment to bring your body back in balance for long lasting impact.


I can highly recommend Robin as a structured integration practitioner. Not only is he excellent in what he does, but he’s a pleasure to be with. 


I also noticed my resting heart rate was noticeably lower during the treatment which is also testimony to its positive effects."

Franziska H - Structural Integration 12 series, Manchester

"My 12-session series with Robin was like a dance. With his great sense of movement, his precise movement coaching and the skill full touch, he helped me find a more stable place to move from. I considerably improved in my Yoga practice, my movements feel more elegant and my body is taller/ better aligned. Clearly I am a stronger, more peaceful and more confident person than I was before.

An enormous « Thank You » from my heart for this precious gift,


Freddy S - Restorative massage, Stockholm

"Robin was really great and attentive. He is really skilled. I would absolutely recommend and definitely coming back!"

Jakob S - Restorative massage, Stockholm

"Det var en bra upplevelse. Robin var intuitivt och visste alltid hur mina muskler reagerar på hans tryck. Jag kommer definitivt boka en tid med honom igen."

Alex A - Restorative massage, Stockholm

"Lyhörd och väldigt trevligt bemötande. Tack för idag Robin, kroppen mår mycket bättre nu."


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