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Restorative Massage

My restorative massage is different from other massages you've had before. Along my way of learning more about the body I have developed my own strategy to see, treat and meet a person. I work in a very slow manner and listen to you and your body's needs. I will welcome you with warmth and respect.

Feeling stressed?

No worries! With this restorative massage you will have the chance to calm down and restore yourself.

Having sore muscles?

We all get sore muscles sometimes, weather it's from training, gardening or playing with the kids. Come to me and get this massage, it will for sure ease it a bit!

Your reason.

Any or no reason for wanting this massage? I will welcome you either way.

Is it time for selfcare?

Yes, it is time and I can help you with that. This massage is magic for you, so come and relax with me.

Want to treat yourself?

Good for you sending in that report! Or well done with that premiere! You have outdone yourself and now need that treat. This massage is the treat for you. Book your time already now!

Further questions?

Don't hesitate to write to me. I will answer as soon as I can!

What My Clients Say

avatar 98

Freddy S

"Robin was really great and attentive. He is really skilled. I would absolutely recommend and definitely coming back!"


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