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On this page are two stories to be read.

1. The story about me.

2. The story about your spring.

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1. My story

In december 2022, after eight months of hard work, I got certified as a Structural Integrator. During this period I got to know some really wonderful people and on our last day we had a little moment of appreciation of each other. This is some of the things they said about me:


A star



So kind

Huge heart

A Northern light


True to himself

Holding space for others



Those heart warming words and more, that's me!


My name is Robin Ivarsson, a Swede that loves movements, the human body, creativity and a good health. I’ve been a dancer since 1998 (yes I’m that old, born -90) and have always walked my own path. I guess the dancing has been the leading point for me to be creative, dream big and move forward. I graduated from The Balett Academy in Gothenburg 2012, been working professionally as a dancer since and from this exploring of the moving body and mind I discovered how much I love the human body. In 2018 I certified as a massage therapist, not leaving my dance career, but to increase my knowledge of the complexed anatomy. 


When I turned 30 I read a book that made me realize that I possess a fantastic superpower. The power of being highly sensitive. In that moment my whole perspective of my own life changed. I knew instantly what I wanted to focus on and how to combine everything I do. I had a great flow of self developing and discovering, found new ways to be creative and all of a sudden I come across educations from Anatomy Trains and Art of motions to study Structural Integration and Slings myofascial training®. 


I am today certified Structural Integrator and doing my Slings diploma in a couple of months and there’s nothing else I want more than to spread this knowledge together with my gift to you guys. It really makes me happy to see you all spring to life. Therefore together with me I welcome you to:


your spring

Handmade Ceramic Cup

2. The your spring story

How we consume the human body.


The society we live in today is build on the structure of consumerism. We consume products and services with the resources we have, which provides us with economic growth, which increases the opportunity to produce more products that go to further consumption. This is the foundation of what we call consumption and consumerism, where the difference according to Zygmunt Bauman is that consumption is something that people do and consumerism is a characteristic that society has. To me this is very interesting from the perspective of the human body. How does the human body work in a society like this?


It was after my graduation at the Ballet Academy in 2012 that my interest in the human body really took off. Partly it was due to some dance-related issues I got, but also all the different dance workshops I participated in to broaden my understanding of movement. It opened up my curiosity about how we use our bodies, what is expected of them and how we take care of ourselves. These questions took me further to in-depth courses in manual therapy and movement training and if my business was searching for something to work towards before, I did find it in 2023 during my rebranding. This is how my practice looks like today:


What my business works with is how we actually consume our bodies and how consumerism (if what Zygmunt Bauman considers a societal characteristic) affects our bodies' way of being, the body's own nature. The human body is an absolutely incredible creation with abilities and structures far beyond our knowledge and we are in daily contact with at least one body. How do we view our bodies from this perspective? How do we consume our own body, but also that of others? What is actually happening in our bodies when we are expected to be, do and behave in certain ways, but our own will is perhaps something completely different? Is that what creates burnout and are there sustainable ways for us to live instead? Are there ways that can contribute to a bridge between these states and what is required of us to get there? Consumption=body awareness? Consumerism=the body's own healing power?


In performance I like to explore above questions, see where we have our resources,  boundaries and how we can play with that. I’m a professional dancer, but I do things with photos, video and textile as well, hence I go under the title performance artist. A goal with my art work is to make people aware of this issue. I want others to take a step back and think about it and maybe encourage them to take action that benefits themselves.


Therefore is my movement and manual therapy also included in this business. With my manual therapy I can help people to reduce stress and guide them to find their resources. Together with my movement practice we can together strengthen and enhance the resources we have from within. A sustainable work.


Your spring is my branding name. ”Your” is almost self explanatory, meaning this is for you, the word ”spring” on the other hand, is carefully chosen due to it’s five meanings. These five meanings goes really well together with my values and goal today:


  1. spring - your arising health

  2. spring - your source of flow

  3. spring - your blooming

  4. spring - your ability to return to your home shape after being under pressure (a coil)

  5. spring - your leaps in this


These words lays the foundation of my how my practice is designed, which entryways I can choose but still maintain my common thread, and it gives me the freedom to explore the possibilities of friction in the matters I take on.


Welcome to your spring!

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