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Creative Coaching

I believe that being creative is really important for our health. Being creative makes us develop as human beings. It gives us the feeling of doing something meaningful, something that brings us happiness and even helps us to go through hard times. Weather or not you are being creative professionally or do it as a hobby, we can sometimes feel stagnated in the flow, we need that extra pair of eyes to view it from outside or you just want help with coming up with ideas on what to do for that team building day and that’s what I’m here for.


I have been working professionally with creativity for over 12 years and my experience of being creative is closer to 33 years and it’s time for me to share that with you. As a creative coach I have different approaches depending on what needs you have. To the right you can read about the different modules and pick the one that suits you the most.  


Let’s be in touch, create magic and make your spring shine together!

For the hobbyist

This is for you that wants to find a hobby or already have one but need the inspiration to go further. Together we sit down either online or in person in Stockholm and talk about your needs. I will guide you on your path, encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and no topic or idea is too crazy. I will meet you with an open mind and try to bring the true you to the front. Let’s have fun! 


Pricing for this is 300kr for every started 20 minutes period.

Image by Alicia Christin Gerald

For the professionals in the department of culture

This is for you that works in the departments of culture, such as choreographer, dancer, actor, painter, with performances, sculptures, pottery a.s.o. I can be at your service as an assistant, sounding board, model, the one that gives you feedback on your work, or anything that can help you forward professionally. I am a dancer myself and have professional experiences within this field. Let’s have fun!


Contact me for pricing.

Image by Ahmad Odeh

For companies

This is for companies that wants to make the employers more creative, open their mind or just figuring out what to do for the next team building day. If it is anything I am good at it is to inspire people to think outside the box and to make creative ideas to have fun. Contact me and we can discuss your needs. Let’s have fun!


Contact me for pricing.

Image by Headway


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