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Here you can see snippets of what I do and have been doing. Some of the things are paid projects and some are just me being creative with zero budget. 

If you wanna see or know more about any project or want to collaborate, please contact me. I'm all for communication and will gladly hear your thoughts.

Welcome to your spring!

Tulip - Christmas video #6 - 2022

2109 Morning picture at table clothes on.jpeg

This is from a project I did when i turned my whole apartment into a Twin Peaks themed escape room in 2020. In advance I sent clues to the participant. This was one of the clues. 


Pose pose post (2023)


To pose infront of a camera, is that to cumsume the body? Or is it when you post the picture and someone else sees it, does your body get consumed first then? The porn industries consumption of the body, thirst traps vs. a picture on the beach, what's the differences?

No I don't see it (2023)

   -  consumption

Music and footage - Petter Berndalen

Dialekten 2021

A production from Dansinitiavitet

Four dancers interpretation of their own home dialect (Luleå, Piteå, Gothenburg and Borås) and one musician making music inspired from all four of them. 


I'm from Borås and went all in a sales man. I designed and sew my on costume and choreographed how the vowels sounded as well as how the fabric moves. 



    -  consumption 

The last Christmas party - Christmas video #7 - 2023

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